For ever...

For a limited time only, we have a special price of just.... £695 complete!

Our price is normally  £795 but for a very short while, you can save £100.

All you have to do is email me.


No hidden costs, no packages, this price includes everything. I strive for perfection in my work so why settle for anything less on your wedding day?



If you plan to get married in the South-East, especially Broadstairs, Margate, Ramsgate, Canterbury or indeed anywhere in Kent, we will provide you with the best professional HD High Definition wedding video production and most importantly, value for money.


It's your wedding day, the biggest day of your life, a day you'll never forget!


The great day arrives, everything's going like clockwork, you're the very centre of attention, all the planning that you've sweated on for months, the preparation in the morning, the service, the guests, the reception, the speeches, the first dance and at the end of this fantastic day, the relief that all went so well....but didn't time fly? It all went by in a blur, really!


Well, we were there too though you hardly saw us, all the while recording with our cameras, every action, every word including the vows, the speeches, all the best wishes for you both from your guests and family that you never heard. We recorded those too. So when your children ask you what your wedding day was like, well, you'll be able to show them the DVD.....or you could just show them the photographs....


I don't charge more like so many others for the little extras. If you want an extra couple of DVD's, that's fine.

We don't charge £100 extra for BluRay, or if you want us to stay an extra half hour.  It's all included. Yes, you also own the copyright. We can also supply your video for use on tablets, Android or iPhone in full HD.


All we ask is that you enjoy your wedding day, forget about us and we'll take care of the rest. That's what being professional is all about!


Video is usually the last thing you may plan for, yet it always becomes the first thing you want after your wedding.


We use three Sony Professional HD High Definition widescreen broadcast cameras and wireless Sennheiser microphones, pro Sony Vegas editing and authoring giving you the best reproduction straight to DVD and BluRay.

We also take lots of photographs on the day which we put to music on your DVD.


If you think that having your wedding filmed involves something like being on a film set, you couldn't be more wrong.

We are very discreet and many brides have mentioned afterwards how surprised they were that they barely even noticed us.


Your wedding day is all about you and that's how we film your big day. We are professional as you'd expect.


Check the testimonials on this site to see why we've made so many brides and grooms very, very happy!



I have a passion for filming, I always have and it's all I've ever done in my life since school. I'm good at what I do because I love it!

Filming weddings, I feel, brings it all together for me and maybe that's why I've never had an unhappy client.


Those same clients often tell me that I go above and beyond for their wedding video but to tell the truth, I too get caught up in the excitement of the day and it's those sort of things that I'm looking for when the camera's rolling, the smiles and tears and all of the emotion that makes you two who you are to your families and friends.


For me, no two weddings are ever the same, every one is individual....your wedding is just as important to me as the very first one I filmed way back when!




"....if any bride ever says she thinks she doesn't need a videographer then she would truly be mistaken because if it's as good as we have had, its the best way of holding onto some of the most treasured memories she will ever have!"    -   Jacqui and Paul



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