Here are some video highlights from recent weddings that you can watch by clicking on the PLAY buttons on each video below. These video highlights are just a very small part of the  final DVD.

Note: Older versions of Internet Explorer may display blank screens below.  However, if you click HERE, you can view the same videos online.

Carly and Martin from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

Charlotte and Tom from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

Hi Chris,

We have just watched the video and we LOVE IT!!

Thank you so so much, it transported me back to the day and you captured everything perfectly, also the photos are a superb really lovely extra.

On the day you were a perfect gentleman and brilliantly professional – I would recommend you 100%.

This video means so much to us its immortalised the whole wedding and my family and friends, its such a special keepsake and i’ll treasure it forever.

Once again thank you ever so much and you really are very very good at what you do.

Lots of love,

Charlotte & Tom


Kathleen and Rob from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“We can’t explain how overwhelmed we are with our wedding video, Words can not describe how magical it all looked!!

We are so pleased we have our vows on video for times to look back on with our friends and family, even one day hopefully our grandchildren!”

Kathleen and Rob

Maxine and Ray from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“The DVDs are absolutely amazing! We are so so so so happy! We cried the whole way through!

Thank you so much, we would highly recommend or beg our friends to have you, you both did such an amazing job on our  wedding day, we couldn’t have been happier.

We are beyond pleased! We watched it twice last night! Ha. So happy with it, and we will 100% be recommending you to all our friends so no doubt we will meet again.”

Maxine and Ray

Rebecca and Louis from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

Hi Chris

A massive thank you, the DVD is amazing..I cant believe the amount of great shots you managed to take too…I cant stop watching it. Thank you once again to both of you and for all the extras you gave us, we loved the photos and the phone video highlights!!

All the best and take care.

Love from Rachel & Louis xxx

Gemma and Robert from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“Words can’t explain how much we love the video, it’s amazing – thank you we are so grateful.”

Gemma and Rob

Tiffany and Tom from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

‘We were absolutely thrilled with our wedding video, which captured the day so beautifully.

Chris and Mary provided a professional and caring service from the beginning, with a meeting at their home and then ongoing correspondence ensuring they got every detail just right.

They even managed to add in footage of our dog who couldn’t be there on the day.

Not only did we receive the DVDs and Blu ray discs, they even gave us a disc with about 500 photos Mary took on the day and video highlights for our phones and social media.

A really good price for a great service, highly recommended’

Tiffany and Tom

Jacqui and Paul from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“WOW! What can I say? It’s wonderful! The filming you did of our day was truly amazing. I’ve never laughed and cried so much.

II’ve watched it several times now and the roller coaster of emotions hits me every time which brings back all those lovely moments.

If any bride ever says she thinks she doesn’t need a videographer then she would truly be mistaken because if its as good as we have had its the best way of holding onto some of the most treasured memories she will ever have!”

Jacqui and Paul

Louise and Matt from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“Just wanted to say a really big thank you for our DVDs, you managed to capture our day as we remembered it if not better.

We laughed, we cried, it was fantastic and your attention to detail is second to none.

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you, and you can rest assure that if we know of anyone getting married we will without a doubt pass on your number.”

Louise and Matt

Kel and Sandra from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“All I can say is a huge WOW!!!! It is unbelievable what you have done for our wedding video.

It is just amazing, I’m lost for words. I have never seen anything like it, it’s just wonderful the best ever, just want to watch it over and over again. You haven’t missed a thing, it’s everything and more than we could of asked for.

Thank you so so much once again, worth every penny.”

Sandra and Kel

Emma and Ashley from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“The video and photos you gave us were absolutely BRILLIANT!

It is by far the best we have ever seen.

You spent time at our rehearsal and getting to know us all and you made sure we were relaxed on our wedding day. Both of us have the video highlights on our phones to show friends.

Once again, a massive thanks from me and my wife and our families for your wonderful video, you captured our day perfectly!”

Emma and Ashley

Amy and Chris from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“Chris and I would like to pass on our thanks to you both for such an amazing video.

You’ve done an absolutely brilliant job, it’s even more than we were hoping for.

It’s been put together in such an incredible way and you captured the quirkiness of the venue so well.

We will recommend you to all out friends.”

Amy and Chris

Madeline and Steve from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

Hi Chris,

I have to say it was Steve that wanted a film made of our wedding, I really didn’t if I am honest but my god was it worth it!

We received and watched the DVD last night and I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed it.  You have done an amazing job, you managed to capture absolutely everything we could have ever hoped for and more.

It was lovely to see all the little details that we would have forgotten about had you not of filmed them them.  We had quite a few people that had managed to escape the photos but you have got everybody on the film which is fantastic.

We have also been able to see what each other was doing before the ceremony which we would have never seen and I can’t believe how much of what you filmed I don’t actually remember from the day.

Thank you so very much to both of you, we really appreciate the work you have put into this and we are so very grateful.

I will of course be recommending you at every opportunity.

Thanks again
Madeline & Steve

Paula and Peter from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“Excellent video and photos, thank you so much….you have caught every detail so we really can relive every moment.”

Paula and Peter

Rachel and Tim from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“We are delighted with the wonderful video you created of our wedding day.

You captured all the emotions and compiled them together perfectly.

Our wedding day went so quickly, so we are so glad we have the whole day and evening videoed so we can watch it back for many years to come.

Thank you Chris for all your hard work, you are obviously very passionate about your work and it certainly paid off!”

Rachel and Tim

Alla and Jason from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“Thank you so much for our wedding video, we watched it last night, it was great to see all the messages and to see all the stuff we missed out on, you both done a wonderful job and we are very thankful to you both.

Alla was in tears ( of happiness ) last night as we watch both dvd’s, wonderful job Chris, I will not hesitate to recommend you in future.

Our two best friends are kicking themselves for not having their wedding filmed, they had no idea that it could be so good.”

Alla and Jason

Courtney and James from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“Hi Chris, we have just sat and watched the video and thought it was absolutely fantastic.

We’re so happy with what you have done and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others.

Thank you so much, it’s more than we hoped for and can’t wait to show the video off to our friends and family.”

Courtney and James

Jaimie and Simon from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“Well, if anyone should be shooting wedding videos, it should be you two!

You brought  sparkle and magic to our DVD.  It was like you knew exactly how we felt,  you managed to bring out all of emotions through the magic of film!

You spent time getting to know us…we could not believe that you also came to our rehearsal and filmed it, It made us feel like you really cared about getting it right for us. I already have the video highlights on my phone which is brilliant!

So much time and effort put into us, right from the start. Lastly, we could not believe the amazing value for money.  We really were not expecting even a quarter of what we got in our DVD package.”

Jaimie and Simon

Laydy and Jamie from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“Thank you ever so much for helping us relive this very special day and to you both for being a part of it….we are very glad we found you to film our wedding The result is outstanding!

Your work is excellent and we want to make sure that you know how happy you’ve made us.

We’ve been watching it so many times already! We’re really happy with the photos as well. It’s a great bonus!

Well done again, we absolutely love the result, you  have made another couple very happy!!!. We can’t thank you enough!”

Laydy and Jamie

Gary and Rachel from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

“We just watched the Bluray of the wedding.

What can I say? It’s brilliant. You’ve done a sterling job on it. I don’t think we could have asked for it to have been any better.

We can’t thank you enough for capturing our day in such a great way. I can’t begin to imagine just how much work must go into turning all that video into that end product, with the mixed in music, the video from both cameras, the printed disks and case,etc.

If you hadn’t guessed we’re over the moon with it!”

Rachel and Gary

Rebecca and Callum from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

Thank you Chris for the incredible video which we received yesterday. We both watched it three times last night, there was so much that we didn’t see on our wedding day but you managed to film it all. It is so much more than we expected.

Once again, a huge, huge thanks to you both for all your hard work. We will treasure the DVD for ever.

Becky and Callum



Lucy and Christodoulou from East Kent Wedding Video on Vimeo.

Lucy and I want to say a big thank you to you, Chris. We love the dvd so much, what an amazing film, you got it all and also the spirit of the day. Greek weddings can be exhausting but you were there whenever anything was happening which was several places at once, it felt like.


Lucy and Christodoulou