Your wedding video – a living legacy!

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Your wedding video.

I’d like to say a few words about why your wedding video is so important, not just now but for always.

I came across this quote the other day on a wedding video forum that I am a member of. The question regarded the frequency that a married couple may watch their wedding video. When all the dust has settled down, maybe raising children and having bought their first house, all things being good, it’s natural that you might not watch the DVD as often as you did.

This particular answer was provided by one of my peers in the wedding videography business:

“Every time I meet an old wedding client I always ask them if they ever still look at their photos or video. It’s always the video that they tell me they watch, usually on their wedding anniversary, but those with children say that the kids often watch ‘Mummy and Daddy on the TV’. We also find that a few years further down the road, older family members may have died, but their images, voices and laughter still live on in the video, so it gets watched again. The real value of a wedding video that captures everybody, is seen in years, not necessarily months after the event. It’s a visual and audio record of a very big day in a couple’s life, surrounded by those family and friends that were important to them at the time.”

Future generations

I’ve always held that belief. Your wedding video doesn’t need to be watched that often but it is there for as long as you live and is an heirloom. Your wedding video can be passed on down to future generations who I’m sure will absolutely love the fact that they can watch their grandparents (or even great grandparents) tie the knot. If your grandparents suddenly dropped a wedding film of their big day in your lap, wouldn’t you be thrilled to watch it?

You get to see how their wedding day unfurled.You also get to hear all the sounds that go with that. That is the magic of wedding video. It allows those who weren’t there or even those who are yet to be born, to relive your wedding day. The way it happened, as if they were there themselves.

It’s a true living legacy and that’s what makes wedding video so very special.

I always tell clients that I have their wedding DVD and Blu Ray backed up in three separate locations. If you should ever lose your wedding video copies, I have it all sorted.

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