Bethany and Jack

Bethany and Jack wedding.

Bethany and Jack were married recently. Their wedding began at St Mary’s church in Orlestone on a beautiful autumn day.

Early signs were for rain but like so many weddings I film, the clouds soon vanished. St Mary’s is an old church and Bethany’s arrival brought out the sun.

Our photographer for the day was Helen Batt, a lovely lady who I’d met before but couldn’t quite place when. We got along famously!

Once the ceremony was over, we headed for the reception at The Secret Garden in Mersham near Ashford. I’d filmed there a few times and will again soon. It’s a great venue with lots of of character. Plenty of beautiful outside grounds and a very light interior. That’s a good thing for filming.

Jack and Bethany reminded me of a couple from an old Hollywood movie. They were young but old souls, nonetheless. That was reflected in the music for the day, especially the song for the first dance. Moon River by Andy Williams was their choice.

Jack is from Northern Ireland while Bethany is from Kent. They made sure that the party was in full swing by sunset. Both families made my job so much easier when it came time to do my guest messages. There were no nerves, everyone was more than happy to say a few words on camera to the happy couple.

This always goes down well when the bride and groom from any of my weddings sit down to watch the finished video. They wouldn’t have been aware of it on the day so it’s always a nice surprise. The busiest time of my day is always after the first dance when I round up potential guests for the messages but it’s a part of the day I really enjoy.

All in all, a fabulous wedding. I hope the lockdown is over soon so I can get back to what I really enjoy most, filming your wedding day.

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