Carly and Martin’s autumn wedding

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Carly and Martin’s autumn wedding

Late last year, we traveled up to Essex to film Carly and Martin’s autumn wedding which had been a recommendation from a previous couple.
Although we are known as East Kent Wedding Video, we are happy to travel anywhere, not just the eastern region of Kent. You might wonder why I didn’t call the company Kent Wedding Video. That would be a fair question. Unfortunately, that domain name was taken and I wanted a name that had geographical value so I opted for ‘East’ at the front without realizing that many might think we stick to our turf, so to speak. Not so. After ten year, I feel it’s too late to change that now so I’ll stay with our good name.

We arrived early at the White Hart Inn in Great Yeldham near Halstead. What a great venue! Carly and Martin were getting married in the converted barn at the rear of the venue, a huge building with two floors and the whole day was taking place in there. The wedding itself was on the top floor, early October sunshine pouring through the windows which makes filming a pleasure as it’s all about light, you know.

Being a beautiful autumn day, blues skies and not a cloud above, everyone proceeded outside after the ceremony. My previous wedding had one of those days when the weather just doesn’t want to lend a helping hand. It rained from beginning to end but that can make for a great video too.

Amazing day

I have to mention Joe Gibson. I’m a guitar player, have been most of my life but every once in a while, I come across a virtuoso. Joe provided the musical entertainment throughout the day. Not only while the guests mixed outside but also the wedding ceremony itself. He stood right next to me as I filmed the vows. If I was getting married, I wouldn’t hesitate in booking this wonderful talent with a voice to match. It’s a conundrum that sometimes the real talent out there never makes it to national stardom. Joe is one of those enigmas. If you’re reading this and need a sure fire winner to play live music, Joe’s your man.

Tina Crossley from Beautiful Hair 4 Weddings was the special lady behind Carly’s amazing hair and makeup. She was more than happy for me to come up and film some shots of Carly’s preps with her mum and two beautiful daughters.

The wedding day ran smoothly, Carly and Martin making a wonderful couple. The day had many emotional moments and this was a couple destined to spend their lives together. As always, Mary and I were made to feel a part of the day which is always great for us. These are the weddings we thrive on because they always produce a wedding video with magic throughout. That’s what wedding video is supposed to be.

Carly later had this to say…“I have the best memories of my wedding thanks to Chris, he is amazing. We would definitely¬† recommend him. I love my wedding video!”

Thank you Carly, that is what makes it all worthwhile for me.

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