Caroline and Brian

Caroline and Brian

Caroline and Brian were married at the end of last month. The ceremony took place at St Peter and St Paul’s church in Saltwood and the reception at the Hythe Imperial Hotel.

In a year blighted by Covid-19, I can’t tell you how happy I was to be back filming weddings. Despite limitations due to social distancing and reduced numbers, it was a great wedding.

It quickly occurred to me that government limitations don’t have to mean your wedding is any less fantastic than it would be any other year. Caroline and Brian were sad that they couldn’t have their first dance. It wasn’t the fault of the hotel, it was the current law of the land.

The photographer for the wedding was the lovely Camilla Harney. We hadn’t met before but working with her was a delight.

Camilla and I took the wedding couple down to the beach across the road for some photos and a little video. It was then I suggested to Brian that they could have their first dance right here on the beach. All we needed to do was play the song on his phone, put it in his top pocket and dance away. I would then dub the CD version in the final edit.

And that is what we did as the sun began to set behind them. The weather wasn’t great but the stormy clouds in the distance added a welcome atmosphere to the view in my camera.

The point is this. I have always tried to view a situation in a positive way. If I’m told that something is impossible or not allowed to happen as in this case, I try to figure a way where it can happen. The hotel rule didn’t apply to the beach. It was public land so Caroline and Brian had their first dance and no rules were broken.

It happened that I also had a wedding the following day and we applied these ideas which made everyone happy.

We’re living in confused and uncertain times. Should you get married now or wait? Who knows what is around the corner and how long this virus will be with us.

I would say that Caroline and Brian had the perfect wedding. They may have only had thirty guests but from my viewpoint, their wedding day was as good as any other.

Any questions you might have regarding your upcoming wedding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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