Caroline and Robert


Caroline and Robert were married at the Secret Garden in Mersham, Kent. This is becoming a regular venue for me to film weddings. It is the third time this year and I always love coming back. The huge picturesque gardens always make it a pleasure for me and my cameras.

Familiarity with a venue is a good thing because you quickly learn the favourable attributes of a place and what tends to work best for the lens. I’ve seen quite a few photographers now who might not know the best locations of a new venue and I’m always happy to suggest ideas.

Caroline and Robert came to this day with excitement. They, like many, had waited a long time to hold their wedding day due to the pandemic which is still current. I arrived two hours early, as I always do, so I was the first there. This allows me to set up equipment, then check what the available light is doing and also test the acoustics. Getting great sound and video is everything and every day is different. There might be a motorway close by which always makes itself clearly audible on the recorded video. However, I have ways in post production to eliminate that. It’s always better to minimise any problems at source, though.

I knew there was a window behind where the bride and groom stand during the ceremony. I was determined to set up my main camera so the window was not in shot. That would make the couple look darker so best to avoid that. Inevitably, it is up to the marriage celebrant where I go and sometimes I’m lucky, other times not. Either way, I can always deal with it in post. It’s knowing beforehand and how to deal with any situation.

Caroline and Robert weren’t that lucky with the weather, they had a bit of everything on the day but we had time to get the good shots and we did. The photographer was Stephanie Bagshaw who was an absolute delight to work with.

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