Imogen and Adam

Imogen Adam East Kent Wedding Video

Imogen and Adam were recently married at Bilsington Priory near Ashford in Kent. Now a wedding venue, it was founded in 1253, nearly a thousand years ago. I find that incredible and what an amazing place to get married. I hadn’t filmed there before but I’m so glad I have now. It has everything a videographer or photographer looks for. Surrounding green countryside, a lake and a historical building. Fabulous.

Imogen and Adam had hired me to film their wedding. An absolutely lovely couple, I arrived bright and early, set up my cameras and prepared for the wedding day to begin. The sun was shining, no wind and everything was literally quite perfect.

I had met them only a few weeks prior to their wedding day but I immediately knew that this couple had great personalities. That makes my job so much easier, it allows me to bring their character out and into the video. That’s what it’s all about for me. I always strive to capture the essence of the wedding couple and Imogen and Adam made that so easy for me.

The secret of a great wedding video

That’s the secret to what makes a wedding video work in my eyes. If I don’t feel I know the couple to some degree after watching any wedding video, then it hasn’t worked. It’s why I always try to meet them before the day when they are relaxed. I usually leave that meeting with a very good idea as to how the video will play out. That’s my experience and I always go with my intuition. It’s always served me well.

David Fenwick was the photographer for the day. He’s a great guy, very good at his job and always a pleasure to work alongside. I’ve known David for a long time now. I know if he’s there, the day will give us both everything it has to offer.

Imogen and Adam had a great wedding and I must say it was perfect in every way. It was a big wedding for 2021, a year of huge uncertainty due to Covid-19 but we got there in the end.

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