Jane and Geoff


Jane and Geoff were married on Saturday. Their wedding took place at St. Philip’s church in Palm Bay, Thanet.

With the current virus laws limiting guests to fifteen, the wedding went ahead as planned. Jane and Geoff had been waiting all year for this special day and nothing was going to stand in their way. Masks were worn and rules observed but there was one difference.

Hoping that the UK will turn a corner before too long, they both decided to postpone the wedding reception until mid February 2021. All things going well, this would allow them to at least have a normal reception.

The photographer for the day was David Fenwick, a master of the lens as always. I always enjoy working alongside David, we look out for each other so nothing is missed. I have known him professionally for a number of years now. If you are still looking for a wedding photographer, he’s your man.

Stuart, the vicar, was an absolute pleasure. He made everyone welcome and his sense of humor was fabulous on such a grey day. It was his first wedding in a while and he was a touch nervous, as he told me.
However, the wedding was a resounding success and the modern church was a videographer’s dream to film in. Beautiful light which makes the finished video shine. That’s what it’s all about…light.

Happy new year!

This was my third wedding for 2020. Normally, I would have filmed many more. The COVID-19 pandemic has made life a misery for so many potential wedding couples but I can say this. All three weddings have been small but very intimate affairs. Nobody gets lost in the crowd and you still have your nearest and dearest there.

Who knows how long this will all last. Hopefully, the new vaccine will return life to normal. I really hope so.

I’d just like to wish all my past, current and future wedding couples a fabulous Christmas and an even better 2021. I think we all deserve that!

Any questions you might have regarding your upcoming wedding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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