Jane and Kieran

Jane and Kieran

Jane and Kieran were recently married in August on a blazing summer’s day. I look forward to filming all my weddings. I was anticipating this wedding, however, as it is a favourite venue, the couple were lovely and the day was beautiful.

On days like this, my imagination runs wild. It’s the kind of look my cameras love. Light quality is paramount for me, it absolutely determines the emotional feel of the edit.

The wedding of Jane and Kieran took place at Hayne House near Saltwood in Kent. We were there all day and that makes life so much easier for me when I don’t have to travel between a church and the reception venue. The ceremony took place in the gazebo ensuring the light was perfect.

When I’m filming a wedding, I want to include everything I can. I encourage guests to do mini interviews to camera if they want to. This is usually a favourite part of the video for the wedding couple. The best time to achieve the best interview is after the first dance. People are always relaxed by then after a few drinks.

Jane and Kieran and their wedding highlight video

The photographers for the day were Neil and Samantha. They run Flashback Photography and are based in Maidstone. We got on famously with them both. What a very down to earth couple, it was an absolute joy to work alongside them and hopefully, it won’t be too long before we meet again. I always value my relationship with the wedding photographer.

I had been waiting a while to edit this video for Jane and Kieran. There has been a huge demand for wedding video this year. 2020 was the year of Covid-19 lock downs however everyone made up for lost time this year.

It was clear to me on the wedding day how I was going to approach the edit. I know exactly what I want from the camera and when that happens, the shoot is basically editing itself as the day progresses. I got every shot I had in mind plus a mini interview with Jane and Kieran to use in the highlight video.

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