Kate and Suzie

Kate and Suzie

Kate and Suzie were married last August at the St George Hotel in Chatham, Kent. I was there to video their wedding day.

I soon met Trevor Hodds, the photographer for the day. He’s a great character, we hadn’t met before but we helped each other out throughout the day. It’s a dream when everyone looks out for each other and I’m always happy to do that. If I felt that the photographer was unaware of a photo opportunity because he or she was busy elsewhere, I’d always let them know. It works both ways. You get what you put in.

I do like it when the photographer invites me to accompany them on the shots away from the guests and families. I have to say the majority of photographers I meet are like that. It’s great because everyone benefits.

Kate and Suzie were just full of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed filming the day for them. It’s not often I stay for a drink after I’ve finished but they both made me feel so welcome, I couldn’t refuse.

At 2pm, Trevor invited everyone up to the top of a nearby hill in the park for photos. The sun was shining but the wind, it was like a force ten gale.
For me, that’s a welcome part of nature because it creates the kind of movement that really does look good. The bridesmaids long dresses were billowing in the breeze and both Trevor and I were happy by the end of the shoot.

There comes a time on a wedding day when you know you have all the shots you need. Kate and Suzie turned on a show for their first dance which took everyone by surprise. This lovely couple looked after all of us on their big day and it was my absolute pleasure to record their wedding for them so they can relive it all forever.

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