Kathleen and Rob

Kathleen and Rob wedding

Kathleen and Rob

Kathleen and Rob were married at Knowle House near Higham, Kent. Their wedding was a couple of years ago. All things being very quiet at the moment due to CV19, I thought I’d revisit some of my older wedding videos.

I was so pleased with this highlight video at the time because it captured everything that brought Kathleen and Rob to this day. I’ve filmed many, many weddings over the years. This couple were made for each other and everyone knew that.

Some say that their wedding is probably one of the most important days in their lives and that was my agenda for the day. Having previously met Kathleen and Rob prior to their wedding day, it was very clear to me that this was going to be the case.

Their words…

This is what Kathleen and Rob had to say…

Dearest Chris, We can’t explain how overwhelmed we are with our wedding video. Words can not describe how magical it all looked!!

From begin to the end, tears rolled down Kathleen’s face with such happiness.

From easy chapters to getting every slight detail in every bit of the video!

We have many favourite parts starting from you capturing the moment Kathleen saw our wedding cake for the first time, to all the guests comments/ Dances. That wonderful power point with all those 1000 photos! Just wow!! and capturing those important vows!

Rob and I are so pleased we have our vows on video for times to look back on with our friends and family, even one day hopefully our grandchildren!

We can’t stop watching it. I have at least one viewing booked everyday for friends to come and see it. We also downloaded the short video on to our phones and ran out of battery many times already showing people! It’s the tears from our friends reaction that really shocks us!

The two of us would love to take this opportunity just to say a million thank yous to Mary and yourself Chris!

You are both truly amazing people and our day wouldn’t have ran so smoothly without you.

I hope that one day when our little man gets married we would gladly welcome you back to film his special day!!!

This is not a farewell but a see you soon, we wish you all the luck with your future and just enjoy!!!

All our Love Kathleen  & Robert McCulloch x

From my Testimonials page

If you’re reading, Kathleen and Rob, a big thank you for allowing me to film your wedding. Hope you’re all staying safe.

Any questions you might have regarding your upcoming wedding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Stay well,

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