Kelly and Mark’s wedding.

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I met Kelly and Mark, along with Mark’s mum and dad in Herne Bay to discuss the wedding over a cup of coffee, which was only a couple of weeks away.

When I asked them why they had chosen us at East Kent Wedding Video, Kelly told me that she loved the videos on my website and that she noticed how I have a good eye for the emotion of the wedding day. I told her she was spot on with that observation, after all, isn’t that what a wedding is all about, everyone, friends and family coming together to celebrate that union of a couple in a circle of love, signified by the wedding ring itself?

Two weeks later, the big day itself had arrived and there we were bright and early at St. Augustine’s in Westgate, a venue we know so well and a delight to film within those historic walls.

Both Kelly and Mark, surprisingly, were so laid back, no nerves that I noticed and  I knew it was going to be one of those days where everything comes together beautifully, the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, just perfect. And that’s the way their wedding day played out, so many smiling faces and joy everywhere. Mary and I were made very welcome and were told to be part of the day.

Yes, we had a job to do but when a wedding is like this, it makes my role so much easier and I guess if you had been there, you might have noticed that big smile on my face as the hours ticked by.

I do love filming weddings and I also thoroughly enjoy taking that video footage into the edit suite and creating something wonderful out of hundreds of clips gathered on the day. There comes a moment, several days later, when I just know that the film is complete, it has that special magic.

I delivered the DVDs and Blu rays to Kelly and Mark and this is what they had to say….

“…Wanted to let you know that the feedback on the wedding video, not just from me and Kelly, but everybody else so far is just simply… amazing! We are really impressed with it and so many people have watched it. Furthermore, we have been asked for copies of the wedding video by quite a few of our families, especially those who live a long distance away and would like their own copy.”

and the next day, a message from Mark’s charming parents….

“Clive & I would like to personally say “thank you” for your wonderful work on creating such a memorable video of Mark & Kelly on their fabulous wedding day. It fills us with joy every time we watch it, we smile from ear to ear. Thank you so, so much. We hope you both enjoyed the day too. We absolutely loved the photos, a fabulous extra that we weren’t expecting, a wonderful surprise!”

And that, folks, is what makes my job so rewarding, meeting amazing people, sometimes more than once when we are recommended to their friends.

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