Lisa Marie and Rob

Lisa Marie_Rob_East Kent Wedding Video

Lisa Marie and Rob were married during the summer at Saint Mary the Blessed Virgin church in Brabourne, Kent. It was a brilliant and sunny day, the happy couple were blessed with the perfect weather. You couldn’t ask for more!

I arrived bright and early before anyone and proceeded to drop my camera on the stone floor. Luck was smiling down on me. The camera landed on the external battery which smashed but fortunately, the camera was good and I had plenty of spare batteries. Not a big drama as I always have three spare cameras but it could have been an expensive little accident.

Everyone duly arrived and the wedding ceremony ran very smoothly. Church services tend to always last longer than civil ceremonies so I always ensure I have plenty of batteries at hand. It was a hot day and everyone was feeling the heat.

On to the farm!

After the ceremony was over, we proceeded on to the wedding reception under a huge marquee which was held at Lisa Marie’s uncle’s Water Farm not too far away in Smeeth. Jodie Donovan and Selena were the photographers for the day, very nice ladies who made our working day very enjoyable. I always make a beeline when I see the photographer at the start of the wedding day. I introduce myself and have a quick friendly chat so they know they have me on their side. It makes all the difference. We all want to do our very best for the couple.

Lisa Marie and Rob were full of personality and that made my job a breeze. The farm was a big one so we had lots of space and beautiful views. I thoroughly enjoyed this wedding and I never saw a cloud in the sky. Perfect!

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East Kent Wedding Video