Melissa and Charlie’s wedding

Melissa_Charlie wedding


Why your wedding matters to me

Your wedding is probably the most important day in your life and that goes for me too when I’m filming you on that very special day. No two weddings are ever the same and that has to be rule number one in my book.

You might think that a wedding videographer works to a routine like a conveyor belt passing by. The ceremony here, the speeches there and later on, the first dance. But you’d be wrong in my case. I always meet up with the couple, long before their wedding day. And yes, there is an element where I’m finding out from them what happens when and where on the day but for me, there’s so much more than that.

For instance, if I know a little about their history and how and why they got together, it begins to paint a picture in my mind. It tells a story which is a canvas for me to work on when the cameras start recording. That might sound a little cliched but it’s true. Everyone’s wedding day deserves that, especially when they have chosen to put their trust in me.

You don’t get second chances when filming a wedding. The action happens and then it’s gone so I’m on my toes every minute of that day. I’m checking and double checking the schedule so the next event will see me ready and there.

Saving the day

Melissa and Charlie’s wedding during August was a case in point. The ceremony was at a church in Saltwood and the reception was to be about thirty miles away near Canterbury. The couple had the loan of an impressive green sports car. It had been driven down from Wales especially for the drive between the two venues. I wanted to get every minute of that journey on film so I could choose the best parts for the final edit. I had to film them leaving the church and also arriving for the reception a half hour later while always staying a few yards behind them. It was a potential problem but one we solved by mounting a camera on our car. The video footage turned out smooth as silk, not a bump on the way.

That road trip is now a permanent reminder on Mel and Charlie’s wedding video.

That is just one example of getting things right before the big day.

We also had the pleasure of working alongside David Fenwick, a fantastic Kent based wedding photographer that we don’t get to see enough.

I really love my work, it is what I make it and I always make sure I do my very best. Read more here

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