Rachel and Matthew


Rachel and Matthew were married at Leeds Castle, Kent. It was my first time at this magnificent venue and quickly found it to be very picturesque. Establishments such as this easily lend themselves to a camera and we made full use of the scenery on this sunny summer’s day.

David Fenwick was the photographer for the wedding day and I know him quite well. He and I work well together and it is always a pleasure. We look out for each other and ensure that nothing is missed which is the way it should be.

Rachel and Matthew had waited a long time for their wedding. Covid 19 had made planning very difficult over the last eighteen months for everyone. It was a huge relief for us all just to finally be here.

Leeds Castle had always been a curiosity for me. I have been booked quite a few times down the years to film a wedding at this venue but somehow, they had always been cancelled. That’s over now and I’m back there again in ten days.

The castle is steeped in history, famous old paintings adorn many of the walls. A very real piece of English history.

The ceremony took place inside despite the sunny day as there weren’t that many guests. Later, the wedding breakfast was held in the banquet hall on a long table where every one was seated. The castle has many dark corridors so it was easy to feel a bit lost. I wondered if there were any ghosts. Imagine finding one on the video footage!

It was a great day with perfect conditions that showed the venue and the wedding couple at their very best. I couldn’t ask for more.

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