Sonya and Moe’s wedding


Sonya and Moe’s wedding

Having met Sonya and Moe just a few weeks prior to their wedding, I knew it was going to be a great day. All weddings are different. That’s because every bride and groom have their own unique personalities. Sonya and Moe put me at ease straight away, very laid back and that’s great to see.

Couples that have history together do tend to be more relaxed. Moe told me that it had to be that kind of day because that’s who he was and that’s how he wanted it. Fine by me.

The wedding venue was at Elvey Farm, a place with so much character. It had the genuine rural feel of bygone Kent. The sun shone making it the perfect venue. I must also mention the wedding photographers, Simon Ellingworth and his wife Alii, who also made our job friendly and very enjoyable.

When a wedding day is planned to the minute, it can be very stressful for the couple. Wedding day’s don’t tend to run like clockwork. You have maybe a hundred or so guests. They’re catching up with friends they might not have seen for ages. The kitchen is working to the clock and food can spoil if things run late. It’s understandable that the day can quickly become hectic. That is where an MC or toastmaster becomes valuable. The stress is firmly on their shoulders. A good MC runs the day like a tight ship, so to speak and nothing phases them.

Order of the day

So it was with Sonya and Moe’s wedding day. It was one of the most relaxed day’s I have ever had the pleasure to film. Guests came from far and wide, many from the United States and Moe took it all in his stride. I had picked up on that at the very start of the day which made filming a breeze.

Having said that, when things do get too relaxed, chaos can creep in and nobody knows what’s going on or when. I don’t think Moe would have noticed, he was having such a good time.

The day did run smoothly, though. I had a hundred or so brilliant characters who were more than happy to play to the camera. This is what makes filming a wedding day so rewarding for me.

On this day, it was the guys who had the most flamboyant outfits. The girls looked fabulous but they were put in the shade by their boyfriends. All in all, one of the best weddings in ages.

Thank you, Sonya and Moe for including us in your fab wedding day!


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