Twenty years on.

wedding twenty years

Twenty years of wedding videos. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Working for myself demands a lot of self discipline in order to be noticed.

When I look back at my first wedding videos, it’s natural that I can see so many areas for vast improvement between then and now. Back then, we were limited by current technology. To view that picture quality today makes me cringe but that’s what it was like in 2001. We have come a long way in such a short time and that benefits everyone.

Regardless of the current technology, any video stands or falls on it’s content. That’s where the story lies. Without good content, all you have is a stream of moving pictures. I keep that philosophy at the front of my mind every time I pick up a camera. I ask myself what makes this wedding couple special? How did they get to this day and what are their hopes for their new future?

These are all questions that have answers. At the beginning of the wedding day, I have already done my research, met the couple and found out what I need to know about them. That gives me a framework to tell my story. It’s not just about what happens on the day.

Who, why, where, when

No two couples are the same. It’s that difference that makes each wedding unique for me. I take enormous pride in my work, I know that in many eyes, I’m only as good as the last wedding video that a potential couple looking for a videographer may see on my website. Consequently, I never sign off on any wedding that I feel still needs a little more work. It’s called going the extra mile and many of my couples have noticed that. You can read their comment on my testimonial page.

Twenty years after my first, weddings are few and far between at present due to the pandemic. My next engagement is at Howfield Manor in the spring. Hopefully, that will be the first of many which means life will be back to normal. Fingers crossed.

Any questions you might have regarding your upcoming wedding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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