Wedding Highlights

wedding highlights
Cheryl and Matt

Cheryl and Matt

Wedding highlights videos are my calling card. Almost everyone who has asked me to film their wedding has done so after watching the wedding highlights videos on my website. I don’t advertise. I let my work speak for me. That way, I know that my clients like my work.

I’ve put a few of those videos here. First up, above, is the wedding of Cheryl and Matt. I filmed their wedding at the Bull Hotel in Wrotham, Kent in 2020 during the pandemic. On that day, we were allowed to have a wedding with a maximum of thirty guests. Cheryl and Matt had waited long enough and called in their nearest and dearest for their big day.

They were so pleased to finally make their vows and emotion ran pretty high that day. This gave me everything I look for when filming. I’m used to big crowds at weddings but this occasion only had thirty guests. I used that to my advantage by getting mini interviews with all who attended. It made the final video even more personal to Cheryl and Matt. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Carly and Rob

Carly and Rob

A fabulous couple, Carly and Rob were married in 2019 at Marleybrook House near Canterbury, Kent. This wedding had everything. It also had a fairground! Seriously!

I had never been to this venue before and was blown away. Carly and Rob were the perfect couple for this place. The energy levels were high and I managed to film everything that was happening here, there and everywhere. I really like this video, it was so easy to work with. Every scene had what I look for. It was a big party. Not every wedding is, you know. Some are laid back, some are more solemn. This one was mad and I loved every second of it. I even stayed around for a beer at the end of it all.

Alex and Luke

Alex and Luke

Finally, this wedding highlights video is from the wedding of Alex and Luke. This lovely couple were married at Cooling Castle Barn near Rochester, Kent in 2019. They had been together a few years but this was clearly the biggest day in their lives.

When two people are truly in awe of the occasion, it creates an invisible magic that I can see clear as day. I home in on that. Alex and Luke were the epitome of a fairy-tale bride and groom. It was just perfect.

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