Wedding Venues

Wedding venues

There are many wedding venues in Kent. Here are five that I just enjoy being at, far away from the traffic and civilization.

One of the best was Eastwell Manor near Boughton Lees but unfortunately, they have closed their doors to weddings.

Knowlton Court

However, a very similar wedding venue is Knowlton Court. It’s situated out in the countryside, not far from Canterbury. The driveway to the venue takes you up a long, straight road surrounded by beautiful trees. The grounds are spacious no matter how large your guest list. It’s about as good a wedding venue that you will find in this part of Kent. Amazing!

The Blazing Donkey

The Blazing Donkey is quite a quirky venue located near Ham, not far from Sandwich. Again, it’s position is fairly isolated but I have enjoyed many weddings there in all types of weather.
Plenty of space and lawns with a beautiful pergola for that perfect wedding photograph. With all the wedding venues in Kent, this is one of my favourites.

Knowle Country House

Higham is where you’ll find one of two amazing wedding venues. For me, this venue always lends itself to my cameras and I’ve only known great weather on the wedding day. Outside ceremonies under the pergola are the way to go if you can but they have plenty of space inside too.
Like these other wedding venues, Knowle is situated way out in the country and even has it’s own small lake on the grounds.

Cooling Castle Barn

Also not far from Higham, Cooling Castle Barn is one of those fabulous wedding venues I’ve only recently discovered. Now it seems I’m booked there for quite a few in 2021. Very strange.
What I love about Cooling Castle is the light quality that always appears whenever I’m filming there. It has a glow about it. I can’t explain why but it just is. Very picturesque like the other venues I’ve mentioned and just as beautiful inside.

The Secret Garden

Not far from Ashford, the Secret Garden in Mersham has beautiful gardens and courtyards. Again, it’s one of those venues I’ve only recently discovered but I’m back there soon.
Anywhere that has plenty of light inside scores well on my list. You’ll find that here.

There are many great wedding venues in Kent and these are just five of them. I could easily add another thirty. These are wedding venues that I know well and am always happy to film a wedding there. I know how it will look on camera before I even arrive and that’s a big part of it for me.

Any questions you might have regarding your upcoming wedding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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