Wedding video artwork.

Cydney and Jack DVD

Kathleen and Rob.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of filming weddings is the artwork. By the time I’ve reached this point in the production, the editing is complete which means that I’m happy with everything so far. On the wedding day, I’ve taken a couple of minutes to take a few photographs with the DVD cover in mind, I know how I want it all to look and shoot accordingly. I don’t like to take stills from the video as a DSLR camera does what it is designed to do…take great photos. When you know the mechanics of a camera, you can get the shot you want rather than what the camera thinks is best.

This DVD cover of Kathleen and Rob’s wedding filmed at Knowle Country House in Higham a while back is typical of what my current style is. It’s important to me that everything is professional from the very beginning to the end and the DVD cover is the very first thing that my wedding couple are going to see when the discs are delivered so it has to be good. I studied graphic design at university after leaving school, before I decided to follow film-making as a career and it has been invaluable.
The balance of text and pictures is crucial, not something to be slapped together as an afterthought. I still, to this day, take time out to watch the awards for best advertisements and graphic design each year, it’s an ever changing world and one that just seems to get better and better, in my opinion.


Kathleen and Robert.


The disc’s design itself has to be special and a white background provides the blank canvas. I don’t like full images covering the disc, especially if that picture is dark. After years of shooting weddings, I find that I’ve come to what I would describe as my ‘style’, and it’s a mix of subtlety and harmony.
Quite often, a wedding will have so much video footage that two discs are required for the finished production and that’s to keep the quality of the video as you can only fit so much on a DVD or Bluray and then the quality starts to suffer so that’s a no-no for me. All artwork is printed to the disc itself, I would never use sticky labels.
I use the very best raw materials to make your wedding DVD and Blurays a true memento of your precious wedding that really will last forever. You don’t even have to have a DVD or Bluray if you don’t wish to, we can provide you with the whole production on a flash drive. It’s all about what you want!

When all is said and done, I’m providing a professional service and although wedding video production tends to be a one-off service per couple, it is vital that my work is seen as such. I do receive a lot of recommendations from past clients and that is a huge reward in itself. It tells me that I’m doing a good job but I’m always striving to improve. You can read more about why I love creating wedding videos.

Here’s another couple of DVD covers…

East Kent Wedding Video


Cydney and Jack DVD cover



Charlotte and Tom BR cover