Your wedding day video

Your wedding day video

Your wedding day video begins long before I leave my home. The previous day will usually find me cleaning and checking all cameras. I leave nothing to chance. Batteries are charged, audio recorders are checked and lenses cleaned. I have done this hundreds of times. I owe it to my clients to see that everything is working as it should.

One golden rule is to never use cheap disposable batteries. I only use quality brands and found this out the hard way once. As luck would have it, there was a shop around the corner and I was able to replace the battery. This was about two hours before the ceremony so no problems arose…lesson learned, though.

I like to leave home and arrive about two hours before the ceremony. This allows me to set up the recording equipment, take some stills of the venue and then wait for the groom and guests to arrive, all with plenty of time at hand. The main reason it’s wise to arrive early is traffic. You can never predict when the roads will come to a standstill. For my own peace of mind, I take that factor out of the equation. It’s never been a problem happily.

After many years of shooting wedding videos, I know how to make the day work for me. Anything that can cause stress or problems is out. I once saw a photographer arrive from the bridal preps and couldn’t find a parking spot at the church. The bride’s car was approaching so I took some stills and gave him them later. He was blown away but we look out for each other. We’re all working for you. We want your wedding day to be perfect just as much as you do.

Your wedding day video is why I’m there. When I arrive, I always let the bride know I’m there if she’s getting ready at the venue. That’s my first call. I will film some of the preps. I’ll then film the guests and the groom arriving.

I’m with the bride as she begins the walk to the ceremony. Meanwhile, my other cameras are filming the guests taking their places and the groom waiting. Most weddings follow the same procedures. Having met the couple some weeks previous, I know how the day will unfold. I know where I have to be at any given moment.

I do find that once the ceremony is over, the day then becomes relaxed. Especially for the wedding couple.

I like to get video messages from the guests if that’s the couple’s wishes. I do that at no extra charge. It makes for a better video. I’ll usually wait until after the first dance to begin the messages. Everyone has had a drink or two by then and are happy to oblige.

Your wedding day is also about people. I always have that in mind when filming, you, your families and friends. I make sure that I get shots of everyone.

Any questions you might have regarding your upcoming wedding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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