A Spanish wedding

Fonts_East Kent Wedding Video


A Spanish wedding

Natalie and James had a Spanish wedding. It was a different kind of wedding as far as we we were concerned. It began in England and then it was down to Spain for the reception. We were asked to film it all.

Weddings like this occur once in a blue moon. We were free for that period so yes, we were all for it.

Natlie_East Kent Wedding Video

Wedding stone


The wedding ceremony took place at St Paul’s RC church in Haywards Heath, Sussex on a very warm and sunny Saturday. We’ve had a lot of those recently but this was just another bonus. When a wedding runs like clockwork, I’m happy and this one did.

Natalie is a primary school teacher and her students played an integral part. There was barely an hour after the ceremony before it was time to head for the airport. Natalie and James make a great couple and together with their friends and family, I knew I was going to get great video over the next week.


Olive_Tree_East Kent Wedding Video

The Olive Tree Guest House near Pinoso, Spain


After landing in Murcia, we hired a car which took us to our home for the next eight days. Just after midnight, we arrived in convoy at The Olive Tree guest house, an hour’s drive east of Alicante. Run by Jenny, this magic place is in the middle of nowhere. It has a huge swimming pool, lots of guest rooms and is perfect.

James is a professional chef. He was in charge of the food so we’d head most days to the markets to source the fresh ingredients. Although this week was also his honeymoon, he was happy to show his skills. The food each day was delicious, needless to say. With Jenny’s (the owner) blessing, James made sensational paellas, Thai curries and fresh seafood.

I knew a place that everyone would love. A natural springs by the name of Fonts d’ Algar not far from Benidorm where you could swim and it even had a diving board. This was a place I had visited many times before. I even filmed underwater! That day became one of the highlights of the trip for everyone.

The Olive Tree

Fonts_East Kent Wedding Video

Fonts d’ Algar, Spain.


A word about Jenny who owns The Olive Tree guest house. She made everyone so very welcome for our short stay. So much so, Natalie and James are planning a reunion there in a year on their first anniversary. I really can’t recommend the venue highly enough. If it’s peace you want with just your family and friends, call Jenny. She will take care of it all.

So, filming a wedding that lasts for a week. How is that different from a normal weeding that lasts a day? Well, it gives me time to get to know everyone. That makes people relaxed while I have the camera rolling. That makes for good video. Natalie and James wedding gave me a highlight video of twenty minutes. It captured it all. They also received two full Blu ray discs detailing the whole week. Natalie and James were very happy with the finished video and so am I.

I went into this wedding knowing what I wanted to achieve.To make it different from my usual weddings where time is the limiting factor. I was able to forget about time constraints in Spain and the happy couple will have that video for ever more.

I thoroughly enjoyed filming Natalie and James’ wedding, we were all friends by the end of it all and if they want me to film the reunion…I’m there!

James_East Kent Wedding Video

Off to Spain


As always, you can view our wedding highlight videos here.

Stay happy,

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