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Wedding music. Why it is so important.

Wedding music is purely a matter of personal taste. For me, it plays a very important role in editing. We are so conditioned these days to not only hearing the musicians we like but also seeing them.

I learned long ago that a song with no visuals becomes what you, as an individual, visualise inside your mind. That goes a long way to making that song something very special and unique to you. You hear the music and it then becomes a part of you. Throw in a video and that relationship then changes. It becomes what someone you never met wants you to see.

Long before music videos, a song or album tended to solely exist in the listeners mind, different to anyone else’s concept. We saw and heard a song on our own terms. That’s probably why so many old songs tend to make it on to the playlist at a wedding. It’s something that tends to always surprise me when I’m filming a young couple in their early twenties at their wedding. We usually hear those old songs either being played by the DJ or as the bride walks down the aisle. It’s also often true when I ask what songs the couple would like on the DVD.

A live band playing at a wedding is something else entirely. They will either play their own music or covers.

The best band I’ve seen in a long time and they’re local!

I was walking down the high street in Deal the other day when I heard music, mainly the drums being played by a band up ahead. It was nothing special until I got closer and the various vocals and instruments began to separate. That’s acoustics for you.

I stopped to listen for a moment. The band were playing original music and that is always worth stopping for. Half an hour later, I was still there totally enthralled with what I was hearing. The band? Rudy Warman and the Heavy Weather, three brothers, Rudy, Shane and Zenon on guitar, bass and drums respectively, from Folkestone.

I bought a couple of their CD’s right then and there. I checked out their videos on YouTube when I got home. If you inhabit the high streets of south east England, chances are you may have already seen and heard Rudy and his brothers. I have no connection to them on any level, I just know a great band when I see one and they are that.

I asked Rudy if they play weddings and they do. You can reach them here on Facebook. In the meantime, have a listen below.


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