Gemma and Dan’s wedding

Gemma, Dan, wedding

Gemma and Dan’s wedding Back in late April, 2018, I read a story in the local newspaper Thanet Extra. It concerned a young couple, Gemma and Dan, going through some extremely hard times. Gemma was suffering from a life threatening issue at the age of nineteen. The more I…

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Jodie and Rich wedding

Jodie,Rich, wedding

Jodie and Rich wedding Jodie and Rich were married at Penshurst Place near Tonbridge in Kent. This venue has so much character and dates back to who knows when. It definitely is a great wedding venue. The gardens alone are out of this world as only England can do….

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Sonya and Moe’s wedding


Sonya and Moe’s wedding Having met Sonya and Moe just a few weeks prior to their wedding, I knew it was going to be a great day. All weddings are different. That’s because every bride and groom have their own unique personalities. Sonya and Moe put me at ease…

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Rachel and Ali’s wedding


Rachel and Ali’s wedding Rachel and Ali’s wedding had all the magic ingredients for us. The sun was shining, the light was fantastic and everyone was smiling. Rachel’s huge smile was there for every minute of the day. You could tell that this day would always be one of…

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DVD, east kent wedding video

DVD is on the way out! Maybe not  today or next year, but it’s coming. The problem with DVD is that most of us enjoy high definition on our TV. DVD is far from that quality. It’s less than half the resolution. Soon, we’ll think of DVD the way…

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Wedding music

Wedding music_Rudy Warman

Wedding music. Why it is so important. Wedding music is purely a matter of personal taste. For me, it plays a very important role in editing. We are so conditioned these days to not only hearing the musicians we like but also seeing them. I learned long ago that…

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Gemma and Dan


    Meet Gemma and Dan I’d like to tell you about Gemma and Dan. I was reading the Thanet Extra a couple of weeks ago and came across a remarkable story concerning Gemma Lythgoe and her fiancee, Dan Terry. Gemma has an incurable brain tumour but especially wants…

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