Carly and Rob


Carly and Rob had the most amazing wedding I have ever seen!
That’s a pretty bold statement so I’ll tell you why. They had a fairground.
Not just any old fairground. They had dodgem cars, a giant thing you sat in that swirled all over the show, and who knows what else. It blew me away.

Not only that, the confetti was like a blizzard. I’ve never seen anything like that either.

The wedding was held at Marleybrook House in Preston, Kent on a blustery autumn day. This is an amazing 17th century venue with huge grounds and lovely owners. Again, one of the best places I’ve seen.

I have to mention the photographer, James Richards, who shot the day for Carly and Rob. We hadn’t met before but by the end of the day, we were working so intuitively together. We were looking out and calling shots for each other. It’s great when that happens so James is your man for your big day.

There are days when I’m filming a wedding when everything just falls into place and this was one of them. The guests weren’t camera shy, a big bonus and neither were Carly and Rob. The wedding was outside in the open air so I had to be on my toes for sound, especially. When the wind is strong, it can play havoc with the microphones so I was prepared. No problems at all.

The fairground is permanently situated at Marleybrook House. If you’re thinking of holding your wedding there, you have all of that on site. Carly and Rob even had a live band on a massive stage, lights and all.

It was a perfect day, it really was.

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