Wedding video highlights

Wedding video highlights

Wedding video highlights

I recently bumped into a couple at a wedding I was filming. They were guests and I knew them from a few years back because I had filmed their wedding. I greeted them by name and they were shocked that I remembered them so well, where they were married and the music I had used for their highlight video.

It wasn’t a surprise for me because, truth be told, there isn’t a single couple I could meet again having filmed their wedding that I would even need to think of their names. That’s because I like watching all the wedding video highlights I’ve put together over the years. Not only does it keep their wedding fresh in my mind but it also allows me to be my own critic. How would I have filmed their wedding differently with those extra years of experience?

It amazes me that generally, there is nothing I would have done differently. The target on any wedding shoot is to capture the day as it happens and to find the emotion on their faces and that of their family and guests. It’s always there! Any good wedding videographer or photographer is looking for the icing on the cake.

So, that’s what a wedding video highlights is for me. Condensing the whole wedding day down to about five minutes and along with a great song, it can bring a couple to tears of joy and that’s where I feel I excel. Couples tell me so and really, that’s what it’s all about.

Wedding video can be a very powerful medium in the right hands. If I was to just film the day and nothing else, I might as well put up a couple of CCTV cameras and leave it at that. A wedding between two people in love is a huge declaration of intent when you stop to think about it. It’s a commitment to spend the rest of their lives together, maybe raise children, a dog whose name may or may not be Fido, perhaps even Rover…. and create a family where none existed before.

Yes, there’s nerves playing a part on the day but nonetheless, a wedding is a day of joy for all concerned and what a great job I have in capturing all of that. It’s something that comes with experience, though and as a result, I never stop learning my trade

I’m always trying to make each wedding video better than the one before so when I sit down late at night to watch my work over the years, I really can see that progress. If you’re thinking about having a professional wedding videographer at your wedding, just do it!

Don’t regret it by saving money because that wedding video will be with you for life, something not just for you but also your children and grandchildren to watch. Even if you should lose it, I won’t and all you have to do is call me and I will make another copy for you.

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