Rebecca and David’s wedding



The wedding

We at East Kent Wedding Video recently had the pleasure of filming Rebecca and David’s wedding at Hayne House in Hythe, Kent.

I don’t usually comment on the weddings I film but this one was different. We were recommended to Rebecca and David by Charlotte and Tom, who’s wedding we filmed last summer. As always, it’s great to catch up with past couples, especially when they think so highly of us as to recommend us.

Aeroplanes and metal

David, the groom, had spent many years training to become a commercial airline pilot here in England for one of the big airlines. Despite many setbacks, he had achieved that goal and was now in the process of realising that dream. I thought it would be a nice idea to somehow incorporate that into the wedding highlight video. You can see that in the opening twenty seconds of the above video. My dad was an airline pilot flying all over the world. As a result, my family went wherever he worked.

My brother and I grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, then England, Brunei and Australia. That gave us a unique outlook on life experiencing and embracing many diverse cultures along the way. Naturally, traveling became an important part of my life as an adult because of that and aviation became more than just a passing interest.


Rebecca and David’s wedding was also different because of the music played throughout the day. Normally, the music for a typical wedding is as you’d expect, songs that tend to be Top 40. This wedding had none of that. Indeed, the DJ, Harry Klib, one of the best DJs I’ve come across for weddings was presented with a list of songs that were banned for the day. Rebecca and David’s choice was shared by all of their guests and friends and ranged from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin, Bryan Adams to the Beastie Boys. Because everyone was so into the music, the dance floor was heaving by the evening. That is always good for a wedding videographer, lots of action rather than guests sitting around a deserted dance area.

Every wedding is different. I truly love filming them all. It’s such a great feeling when you meet a couple like Rebecca and David and even more so, a privilege to film their wedding. It was a fabulous day that everyone enjoyed and luckily, we were there to film it for posterity for them. A new wedding photographer on the rise is India Bonnett who took the stills on the day and a pleasure to work alongside.

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