Naomi and Ryan’s wedding


Naomi and Ryan’s wedding

Naomi and Ryan’s wedding last month saw us travel down to Worth near Deal in Kent. It’s nice when we have a local wedding to film. We tend to find ourselves near Maidsone and Tonbridge usually.

Having met the happy couple a week or so before, I knew that this would be one of those days where the weather didn’t matter, Naomi and Ryan were laid back and easy to work with and just there to enjoy their big day. I had filmed the rehearsal the day before as I like to do when I have the opportunity. It gives an added dimension to the finished film.

Sometimes, all the guests and family are happy to help out and this was one of those days. I love it when everyone just gives me a big smile on camera.

The wedding day

The wedding began at St Peter and St Paul church in Worth. The vicar was absolutely great. I say that because once in a while, we have a problem filming in a church. It’s rare but there are some videographers who tend to forget that they are in a church. We are there for the wedding and we are always grateful to be invited in by the vicar. We therefore keep a low profile without walking around disrupting the ceremony. Vicars can and do get annoyed when hired crews lack the respect of their surroundings and understandably so. It makes it hard for the rest of us who do the right thing.


Naomi and Ryan’s wedding cake and their dog Dylan.


The reception was held at the Blue Pigeons in Worth right across the road from the church. Naomi and Ryan were very kind in offering us a meal, something that is always very appreciated as a wedding day is a long day. By the time everyone sits down to eat at the wedding breakfast, we have usually been working for about seven hours or so with another four or five to go.

Naomi Davison was the day’s photographer, we hadn’t met before but she and her fab husband Ben made a delightful team with us. Music was provided by Martin and his excellent Martins Mobile Disco. He very quickly had the dance floor filled and moving and the first dance was quickly underway.


Naomi’s wedding ring


A big thank you to Naomi and Ryan for booking us at East Kent Wedding Video and a very enjoyable day for all.

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