Jaimie and Simon

Jaimie and Simon

Jaimie and Simon were married six years ago at Simon’s old school, the Duke of York’s Royal Military School near Dover.

I had a wedding enquiry today for later this year. It was Jaimie and Simon who recommended me and it made me think. I’ve shot many weddings since their big day but theirs was a little different.

I knew, as the day progressed, how I was going to edit their highlight video. This particular song began playing in my head and I dismissed it. It seemed so bizarre but during the edit, that same tune kept playing in my mind.

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?

I decided to go with it. I thought they would be horrified but they weren’t. They loved it! Sometimes you just have to trust your instinct. Five years later, I have to say that this particular highlight video is one of my favorites. The song captures their wedding day so well and I still feel that.

It’s a very happy song and you could say that about anyone’s wedding day. I don’t know why ‘The Rainbow Connection’ suggested itself for this very wedding but it did and kept doing so. I’ve learned to trust that intuition.
I heard it too many times to ignore it
It’s something that was supposed to be

…and what’s on the other side?

Highlight videos are the cream on the cake for me. It’s the part of the editing I look forward to the most. I always make that the last part of the edit. I will happily spend a couple of days on this one section alone to get it perfect. Highlight videos also ensure I never forget a past couple I’ve filmed, I know them all by name and would recognise each and everyone of them if I met them on the street.

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