Hayley and Scott

Wedding photo

We had the pleasure of filming the wedding of Hayley and Scott recently on Saturday, 13th of April. They were married in St Oswald’s church at Paddlesworth.

They had waited many years through various ups and downs to get to this day and it was all very well worth it. I could see it on Scott’s face the moment the vicar announced them man and wife. He never took his eyes off his beautiful bride throughout the wedding.

The sun and the rain

It was one of those typical English spring days. When we arrived at the church, the sun was shining. Thirty minutes later, the rain came down in buckets. These are the moments when being a professional wedding videographer is testing. You pull on all your experience and thankfully, on this occasion, the weather decided to play ball. Hayley arrived soon after under a blue sky wondering where the puddles had come from.

Once the ceremony was over, we followed Hayley and Scott to the reception at Hawkinge Cricket Club a few miles away. This always gives me an opportunity to film the journey through the skylight window of my car. It helps to tell the story of the day when driving between two locations.

The wedding day was fairly laid back compared to some which makes for a relaxing day in my mind. You still never take your foot off the pedal because anything can happen. You have to be prepared. Relaxing is for the drive home at the end of the day, knowing you have all the shots you wanted in the bag. That is exactly how I felt.

I enjoy the journey home because I have done my very best to capture the day and I always do so. Nothing less than that!

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