The road less travelled

Honeymoons are the icing on the cake when you’re getting married. If you live for traveling like me, then choosing a destination requires lots of thought. It’s like having a holiday when you’re not actually on holiday.

Honeymoon Bay_Tasmania_Honeymoons
Honeymoon Bay, Tasmania

I always ask the couple where they’re going for their honeymoon purely because it interests me on a personal level. Last month, Jake and Hannah were flying off to Costa Rica in Central America. That was a new one for me and it never hurts to ask if they would like a video account of their honeymoon, does it? One day, someone may just say “What a great idea, I’ll send a ticket for you”. Who knows?


Wineglass Bay_Tasmania_Honeymoons
Wineglass Bay, Tasmania.

As someone who has travelled a fair bit over the years, here are some great destinations. I have to mention Australia and particularly Tasmania, that little island down the bottom on the map. Known as ‘The Apple Isle’ due to the amount of fruit grown there, Tassie is generally forgotten when it comes to planning a holiday in Australia which is a huge mistake because the state has so much to offer. It is unspoiled by mass tourism therefore there are bargains to be had by the hundreds.
If you want amazing views, plenty of space and great seafood, Tasmania has it all. I’d forget Sydney and the Gold Coast unless you like big prices and crowds. Perth is ok but it was better in the past. I used to live there.


Maybe somewhere a bit closer to home? Then consider Madeira, a Portuguese island in the North Atlantic, not too far away from the Canary Islands but without the crowds.

Porto Moniz_Madeira_Honeymoons
The sea pools at Porto Moniz, Madeira.

Porto Moniz, above, is on the north side of the island. I spent a few days here swimming in the salt pools and it costs a single euro admission for the whole day. You can even go over the wall and swim in the open sea but the lifeguards will stop you if it’s too rough.
Madeira is basically a huge mountain that sticks out of the sea so there are not many beaches but when you have a coastline like this island has, you have it all.

Sardinia is a great destination for honeymoons. As is Indonesia, especially the island of Lombok which sits a dozen miles to the east of Bali.
The biggest secret I have for you is not that far away and lies in the Mediterranean Sea not far from Malta. It is the tine island of Pantalleria and belongs to Italy. It doesn’t even have it’s own website!
To get there, you have to fly via Rome, no big deal but do it before it loses it’s soul like so many other places have done.

Pantalleria, a Mediterranean secret few have ever heard of.

I like to get off the beaten track so you’ll never find me in Las Vegas or Dubai. Honeymoons are for two and it’s a trip you’ll remember for the rest of your life so make it count.

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