Gemma and Dan’s wedding

Gemma, Dan, wedding

Gemma and Dan’s wedding

Back in late April, 2018, I read a story in the local newspaper Thanet Extra. It concerned a young couple, Gemma and Dan, going through some extremely hard times. Gemma was suffering from a life threatening issue at the age of nineteen. The more I read, the more I felt that this was so unfair on her and her fiancee Dan.

The focus of the story was their upcoming wedding in September, and they were determined to beat all odds. They barely had two coins to rub together and had set up an appeal with the help of a lovely lady, Marnie Enever at Macmillan Crossroads. The appeal had it’s own Facebook page and so I decided to do something.

I met them at the wedding venue, the Botany Bay Hotel just outside Broadstairs, months before the wedding day. Such a nice couple and Marnie was also there to discuss all things wedding video.

The wedding day arrives

Gemma and Dan’s wedding day was here and now. I’ve been very lucky with the weather this year when filming weddings. This day was no exception and both Gemma and Dan were full of beans, despite Gemma feeling low here and there throughout the day. Their friends and families were there to give them all the love and support they needed.

The ceremony took place at All Saints church in Birchington. A nice big venue with lots of natural light made for the perfect vows. All went without a hitch…probably not the best phrase to describe a wedding ceremony.

Heli Charter at Manston were absolutely amazing and donated a half hour flight in one of their helicopters. I was there to film the take-off and thirty minutes later, their arrival at North Foreland Golf Course. It was a mad dash across Thanet in my car to achieve that but I arrived with seconds to spare.

Then it was off for the reception at the Botany Bay hotel on the coast where we managed to get the happy couple down onto the beach for some shots. Photos and video, not drinks!
Beverley Battersby was the photographer on the wedding day and she was a pleasure to work alongside.

Gemma and Dan’s wedding was everything they had dreamed it would be. It all went smooth as silk throughout the day, running to schedule and really, it could not have gone any better. I was pleased to have been there, sometime’s you need to stop and think how lucky you really are. I wish nothing but the very best for Gemma and Dan as husband and wife. They deserve it!


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