Rachel and Ali’s wedding


Rachel and Ali’s wedding

Rachel and Ali’s wedding had all the magic ingredients for us. The sun was shining, the light was fantastic and everyone was smiling. Rachel’s huge smile was there for every minute of the day. You could tell that this day would always be one of the major highlight’s of her life. The same was true for Alastair, or Ali as he prefers to be known. I didn’t see any nerves on their big day at all.

Sometimes, it rains. This is England and we expect it. It doesn’t bother me as a videographer. If the weather is bad, I bring in a different set of skills. If the sun is shining, then that puts a smile on my face. Having said that, the best light is a slightly overcast day. The clouds act as a soft filter which tones down harsh shadows and puts people at their best in terms of skin tones. Besides, a sunny day just looks and feels great and so it was this day.

All well and good but I must say I do prefer the sun. It also lifts the mood of those concerned. It brings people outside which gives me additional scenes to film. See, variety is a good thing.

A big thank you!

The wedding didn’t start until 5pm, quite late in the day. The venue was Saint Peter and Saint Paul church in Shoreham, Kent and the reception was at the nearby The Mount Vineyard.

Simon Everett was the photographer for the day and we got on famously. Working side by side along with photographers always calls for professionalism and Simon had that in spades. He was also a nice guy!

Rachel and Ali had this to say after they had watched the finished film…

Hi Chris,

We have finally watched our wedding video. We both cried the whole way through, it is the most cherished item from our wedding. Your attention to detail to capture every moment is overwhelmingly beautiful. A thank you doesn’t even do justice to how thrilled we are!
Thank you again.

Rachel and Ali


And a big thank you to Rachel and Ali for booking us at East Kent Wedding Video and a very enjoyable day for all.

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Stay happy,

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