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DVD is on the way out!

Maybe not  today or next year, but it’s coming. The problem with DVD is that most of us enjoy high definition on our TV. DVD is far from that quality. It’s less than half the resolution. Soon, we’ll think of DVD the way we remember VHS.

We live in an ever changing world. Technology is relentless. Mobile phones that seemed out of this world twenty years ago are archaic today. DVD is already over twenty years old and that’s a long time in the modern world.
4k is already here but like most new mediums, it will take time to catch on. So, what does it all mean?

Personally, I think DVD is a highly presentable package before you pop that shiny disc in the player. It has a nice case, great cover and the disc itself is a small work of art. You can even dazzle people in the room with the disc if the sun is shining at the right angle. What’s not to like?

Blu ray, the best compromise.

That’s the problem with DVD. It’s the resolution, the size of the picture on the TV screen. We have bigger TV screens than ever before and I feel DVD just doesn’t cut it. Blu ray is a different matter entirely. Still in disc format, Blu ray holds the high definition resolution without any noticeable loss from the original video footage. I tell all my clients that don’t have access to Blu ray to buy a player. They are so cheap these days. You can even buy them in Argos, Tesco, ASDA and the rest on the high street for less than £50 in some cases. They will even play your DVD discs.

It’s true that many people are perfectly happy with DVD and that’s fine. I give all clients DVD and Blu ray discs. I even give them .mp4 video files to play on their computers and portable devices. These files can be uploaded to social media and also play on phones and tablets. They’re getting the best of all worlds there.

Why am I having an issue with DVD, then? It’s purely because of quality. To make a DVD from the raw video footage, it has to be reduced in resolution. That’s the nature of DVD, it is designed to play video of a certain size, not larger. That lowers the quality. That’s why Blu ray is a better option. It looks better and is better.

VHS sir?

I will always provide DVD as long as people want it. No one asks for VHS anymore and I guess that will be the case for DVD in ten years time. Who knows. You can never really predict what will happen in the future. 3D was the next big thing a few years ago in our living rooms but it never really took off. I didn’t think it would so never offered that medium. 3D has been around since the early 20th century and it continues to come and go.

So, to cap it all. You, the client, can ask for any medium you wish. DVD, Blu ray or mp4 on a flash drive. I’m happy to oblige. The difference with the flash drive is you don’t get the DVD or Blu ray cover in a case or a playable menu. That’s just the limitations of mp4. You can still have all three so you’re really not missing out at all.

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