Why I love my job!





No two weddings are ever the same, but more importantly, no two wedding couples are ever the same. For me, that is a golden rule and that’s why I treat every couple I meet before their wedding as if they’re the first. That’s why no two wedding videos are ever the same.

Meeting up before your wedding is so important for me and also for you. It gives me a chance to get to know you both a little and also gives us an opportunity to discuss what you want and don’t want from a wedding video, the choice of music, the style that you may have in mind and so on.

By the time our meeting is at an end, I’ll have a very good idea of how I’m going to shoot the day as it unfolds, I’ll know what is happening and when, who is family and how many so I can make sure to get lots of film footage of them. You may have children so it’s vital for me to know who they are.

In other words, I don’t leave anything to chance. That’s when a videographer can lose control and that has never happened to me because I do my homework. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event for most and filming such a day gives you no second chances as a videographer.

I pride myself in my work, I have been a lighting video cameraman all my working life as well as a professional television editor and all these skills come into play in order for me to create a brilliant and visual memento of your wedding day.

I absolutely love shooting wedding videos, it’s not just my job, it’s how I make my living.

I’ve been filming weddings for so long now and it’s all I do.

I believe that I’m only as good as my last wedding film and that’s what makes me strive to make each film better than the last. I look for that spark, the emotion between two people who have taken this huge and brave step to spend their lives together, to create a family and that’s my real script!

The two of you are what makes it all happen, the magic ingredient and my eyes are tuned to that for every second of your wedding day.

So…if you think I’m just there to film the day as it unfurls, having read this far, you now know that for me, it’s so much more than that. Years of experience behind the camera lets me see what so many others might miss and when the edit begins a few days later, I can then add that extra magic to turn your wedding day into the epic you deserve. That’s why I get so many recommendations and that’s great!

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