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Once in a while, we film a wedding that is just so enjoyable and different from anything we’ve done before. Jaimie and Simon’s wedding at the The Duke of York’s Royal Military School in Dover, Kent was such a wedding. So, what made it so, you ask?

As a wedding videographer, I feel blessed when magic happens as it did at Jamie and Simon’s wedding. The school was a world within a world which meant that we could just put our camera gear down and forget about it and get on with filming the day. Being closed off to the outside world and with the school students on holiday, the atmosphere was very relaxed and the guests very amicable. I had already filmed some of the wedding rehearsal the night before which I often do and I knew that I would include that in the finished wedding video.

Simon, a police officer was also a very talented musician and it was this that brought the house down later in the day when it was his turn to make a speech after the wedding breakfast. He had a list of popular songs that he had changed the lyrics to and once seated behind his synth keyboard, away he went. The words were projected onto a large screen behind him for the guests and family to read as he played. To say the reaction was hysterical would be an understatement. Song after song, we had tears rolling down our faces, he was so funny and I really had to concentrate on what I was doing, getting those reactions down on camera while my other cameras were on him and also Jaimie on the top table. I knew by now that I had everything I needed to make this wedding video extra special and it was Simon that made it so.

When it was time for the first dance, half way through the song, the setting summer sun just lit them both up in an orange glow as it beamed through the open doorway. Absolute magic! These are the things you can’t script but you just hope for. Jaimie, despite it being her wedding day, looked after us and made sure we didn’t go hungry or thirsty. Being a wedding videographer can be tough sometimes, you sometimes have to be two places at once but days like these are welcomed.

Wedding video is a fantastic occupation for me and when you get days like this, when everything comes together, then I just know that I’m in the job I love. I was a little unsure about using ‘The Rainbow Connection’ as music for their highlight video but a voice inside told me to go for it….and they both loved it!

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