Shelly and Craig

Shelly and Craig
The wedding of Shelly and Craig.

Shelly and Craig were recently married at the Crescent Turner Hotel near Whitstable in Kent. We had the privilege to film their wedding on a cold December day. The wind blew like mad across the estuary so we had our work cut out.

The ceremony was to take place in a large tent. Having arrived two hours early, I could hear the canvas flapping around in the breeze. It was very audible so I began to think about the sound recording issues that this would cause once the day began to flow. I decided to close mic the bride and groom which proved to solve the problem. Not a single flap of the tent could be heard in the finished video production.

Some might say that external noise is just part of the day but I knew I could eliminate it before the ceremony. It’s why I have several different types of microphones for just such an eventuality.

Andy Martinez was the photographer for the wedding day and an absolute pleasure to work with. Although wedding photography isn’t his main niche, he was relaxed and friendly which is always a sign of a good photographer.

Shelly and Craig really were the life of the party. There wasn’t a huge guest list for the day so that made it easier to make the video personal. My camera works so well with outgoing personalities and Craig was certainly that. I prefer laid back weddings that don’t adhere to strict regimens. That kind of day makes everyone relaxed including people like myself there to do a job. You tend to feel part of the event itself which is great.

It might be cold outside…

As the short day turned to night, so the temperature dropped. This was mid winter but inside, everyone had a blast. I don’t film many weddings at this time of year. Couples do prefer the summer and autumn months to marry but I like a challenge and so I use the weather as part of the theme. If there’s a gale outside, I’ll film veils and dresses blowing like crazy to make the point in a visual way. All good fun.

Shelly and Craig had the wedding they wanted and more! A lovely couple and it so happens that I’ve just booked the wedding of a couple very close to them by sheer coincidence. I hope that wedding will be as good as this one.

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