Kirsty and Joe

The wedding of Kirsty and Joe

Kirsty and Joe

Kirsty and Joe were married at the Church of St. Lawrence in Mereworth, Kent. On a beautiful, sunny May day, it was good to put Covid-19 behind us and get back to doing what I do best.

I arrived two hours before anyone else to set up my video equipment and test the light and acoustics. All being good, I waited for the groom to arrive which he soon did. Joe was a lovely guy who had waited two years for this huge day and everything looked great.

Kirsty arrived not long after, looking splendid and the wedding was underway. Church weddings probably take up slightly less than half the weddings I film but they always test my skills. That would be available light and the mix of internal electric light. Not always a good mix but we have our ways to balance that and it always looks good in the edit.

I was using new cameras for this first wedding of the season and the ceremony was brilliant once I checked my shots the following day.

An hour later, I pulled into the Hadlow Manor Hotel near Goose Green, Tonbridge, for the reception.

At this point in the day, I am able to relax a little because most of the hard work is behind me. The ceremony involves four cameras and then I have to break the set down and get to the reception before the bride and groom. Often, I will film them leaving the church and film their journey from my car behind.

Pete from Ap-Art Photography was the photographer for the day and I had the chance to talk to him a bit later. He’s from Denmark and travels all over Europe and beyond with his camera. He had some amazing pictures and stories.

The reception was very laid back, everyone enjoying themselves. It was great to catch up with Cheryl and Matt who’s wedding I had filmed on a cold winter’s day during lockdown.

By 9 p.m., I had completed my day and felt very pleased with my work for Kirsty and Joe. I do like weddings that don’t cost a huge amount of money. It’s always about the people, not the size of the event.

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