Aime and Neil

Aime and Neil wedding

Aime and Neil were married recently at Whitstable Castle. I was there to film their wedding. I do like this venue, it has lots of spacious grounds and an English castle is always going to look good on video.

Neil was resplendent in his army uniform. It’s odd but every time I have filmed a wedding at Whitstable Castle, the groom has always worn a military uniform. The day was a hot one and poor Neil was feeling the heat under that uniform but he sailed on regardless.

Chris Farrell was the photographer for the day, a lovely guy who worked very well alongside me. I hadn’t met him before but he was a pleasure to work with.

After the ceremony, Aime and Neil were joined by Dobby, their dog who couldn’t contain his excitement and weed over Neil’s mum’s foot. All part of the day, I’d say. I always look out for the small, unexpected happenings on any wedding day and that was definitely one of them.

After the happy couple had received their video, Aime had this to say…

First off let me say thank you for dropping the video round to our house, we really appreciate that.But most importantly we want to let you know that we were lost for words, the video is absolutely amazing, more than we could have dreamed of, you captured the day so well! And it’s all pieced together beautifully, we cannot thank you enough!We will definitely be recommending you to everyone we know!!
Thank you again!
Aime and Neil

It pleases me no end when I get feedback like that, it means I’ve done my job. A wedding is a one off event and my wedding couples deserve my best shot every time and I always make it my goal to do just that.

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