Hannah and Jake

Hannah and Jake

Hannah and Jake were married last May at Salmestone Grange. I have filmed a few weddings there in the past but this was to be the last one at the Grange. The venue has now closed for the future which is a shame.
Built back in the 14th century, it has to be one of the oldest and it even has it’s own chapel. It’s on the listings for 1.5 million so if you’re in the market for something a bit different…

Back to Hannah and Jake. It was a beautiful late spring day, perfect for a wedding. Natalie Grainger was the photographer for the day.
I could see Jake was a bit nervous when he arrived, as you would be, but he soon fell into the swing of things. He had good support from his friends and when Hannah arrived, looking beautiful, we were ready to go.

The ceremony went without a hitch (sorry for the pun) and everybody was then able to relax. The most important part of the day was behind us.

Salmestone Grange is a small venue but very intimate with lots of character. Venues such as this one are perfect for small weddings. Perhaps the new owners will recognise an opportunity and re-open for the wedding market. That would be great.

When I had initially met Hannah and Jake at the main office a few weeks before, it was pouring down. I’ve never seen such heavy rain and I’m pleased to say that the wedding day was the total opposite. I don’t mind the rain but it does tend to darken the day and as every good videographer knows, light is what it’s all about.

Hannah and Jake loved their video and it was a good one, everything came together on the day and filming it all was certainly my pleasure.

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