Long or short wedding video?

Long or short wedding video

Long or short wedding video?

Long or short wedding video? Recently, I’ve noticed a trend for short wedding video over full length long wedding video. Especially in the USA but it’s catching on here, too.

What makes it very strange to me is that there are wedding video companies, not all, that actually charge more for the short length. When I film a wedding, I’m there all day and I film everything. Regardless of whether I present a long or short wedding video, I need to film it all in order to get the shots.

It’s always been my way to give my clients the whole wedding day on DVD and Blu Ray at an average length of around two hours. But…I also give them a five minute highlights video at no extra cost. Clients can use this for social media, phones and tablets. I do this because it presents their whole wedding day summarised down to a bite sized length. That also makes it dynamic and in-your-face, if you like.

Editing the highlights is usually the last process in the editing chain for me. When I get around to editing the highlights, everything else is completed and I now have a very good feel for that particular wedding and it also allows me to put the icing on.

So, when you book me to film your wedding, you’re getting the best of both worlds without having to pay more.

What’s best for you?

Given that I give you both versions of your wedding video, without charging extra, you can still ask for just the short version. At the end of the day, your wedding video will be what you want it to be. That is so important to me. I want you to be happy.

Editing a wedding video takes me about six days total. I spend that time because it’s my name on the cover and it doesn’t leave here until I’m 100% satisfied. It’s a cliche, I know, but a true one…I treat your wedding as if it’s my first. They’re all different in many ways and I never, ever assume your day will be a typical western wedding. That’s why it’s vital to meet up and go through all the details before your wedding.

I know how important your wedding is to you and nothing less than perfection is allowed here at East Kent Wedding Video.

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