Video editing

Video editing

Video editing is the process of arranging video clips into a finished video. When I shoot a wedding, I can have hundreds of small clips that on their own, mean nothing. As I shoot each clip, I’m always thinking about the final edit. That edit will be performed a week later usually.

A good editor will always see the big picture in his or her mind. They will know how each clip will sit in the final edit. I basically shoot to edit. The final result will tell the story of the wedding day. There will be music to be added, some photographs and graphics. Audio will play a very important part.

I tend to stay away from video effects. I find that can date a video. It may look great at the time but after a few years, those same effects can seem tired and overused. Classic movies also prefer to keep effects at a minimum.

I studied film and video production at university and learned the key rule…less is always more. A great song will always stand on it’s own merits, regardless of who performs it. It’s the same with film and video.

I never stop searching for the great camera shot. I always try to make each wedding better than any I have created up to that point, always learning. If someone asks me if I’m any good at what I do, I tell them I’m not as good as I will be next year. If I look at my past work, I can see that that trend is very obvious. Each year, my work transcends the previous year’s work and that is how I want it to be.

Video editing is very enjoyable for me. It’s where it all comes together as the finished article. You could give those five hundred video clips to a dozen different editors. They will all come up with a different product. Creativity has always been vital to me. The pleasure it gives to my clients has always been so rewarding over the years.

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